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Our Services

To discover the best of Moroccan cuisine, Riad Dar Sara proposes a variety of traditional menus served in in the salon, the patio or on the roof-terraces:

- If you would like to reserve a meal on the day of your arrival:
For a lunch or a dinner, you should reserve when you make the booking of your room and indicate the number of people and choose your menu in advance.
- If you would like to reserve a meal during your stay: Meals are freshly prepared on order. The receptionist of the riad is at your disposal to help you in your selection.

Menu « KHFIF »
Lunch: 120 Dhs / Dinner: 160 dhs
(One choice)
-Moroccan Salad Set
-Green Salad

(One choice)
-Tagine of Sardine Pellet
-Meal of Sardine
-Berber Tajine (Vegetable)
-Omelettes with choice:
* With cheese
* With vegetables
* With fine Herbs
(One choice)
-Orange with cinnamon
-Grated carrot with orange juice, scented with flower of Orange tree

Lunch : 180 Dhs / Dinner : 200 Dhs
(One choice)
Moroccan salad set

(One choice)
-Chicken tajine (crystallized lemons and olives)
-Tajine of chicken sweetened with the jam of tomato
-Chicken stuffed with vegetables
-Fish tajine (according to market)
-Tajine of meat with vegetables
(Artichokes and peas, quinces, sweet potatos...)
-Tajine of meat Mekfoul
(Sweetened tomatos, onions)
-Tajine with dates or figs
-Tajine of prunes and almonds
-Tagine with the grapes and onions
-Tajine of Kefta (Beldi way)
-Skewers of chicken or meat marinated with lemon and spices
-Trid with chicken
-Couscous with chicken & seven vegetables
-Seffa with chicken, grapes and onions
With extra: 90 dhs Possibility of an additional flat

(One choice)
Orange with cinnamon
Fruits set

Menu « ZARDA »
Déjeuner ou dîner : 250 dhs

(One choice)
-Moroccan Salads
- Briouates
(One choice)
-Pastilla with Pigeon
-Pastilla with chicken
-Tangia with Limon
-Tangia with olive
-Shoulder Stuffed :(with supplement: 50 Dhs. For 5 people minimum)
With Supplemement: 50 Dhs (possibility of Tajine or additional Couscous)
(One choice)
-Pastilla with Milk
-Poire with Eastern with orange caramelized
-Variety of Season fruitand
-Tea, coffee, vervain & moroccan Pastry

Spa & Well-being
In order to relax to the maximum, Riad Dar Sara offers a hammam service where you can discover the benefits of the magic of lavender and eucalyptus oils in the hammams.

Hammam « Erraha »
With black soap (without body scrub)
30 mn 150 dhs

Hammam « El Bacha »
With black soap body scrub & Ghassoul body mask with seven plants
(With the glove « kiss»)
30 mn 200 dhs

Hammam « Laaroussa »
With black soap body scrub with Henna & rose water, Eucalyptus & Ghassoul body mask with seven plants
(With the glove « kiss»)
40 mn 300 dhs

(With essential oils 100% Bio)

Relaxing Body Massage
40 mn 250 dhs

Tonic Body Massage
50 mn 300 dhs

Hands Massage: 150 dhs

Feet Massage: 150 dhs
Beaty Treatments:

Care face Shine: 300 dhs
Manicure: 170 dhs
Pedicure: 170 dhs
Hair Removal:
Duvet: 100 dhs
Mustache: 50 dhs
Armpits: 60 dhs
Back: 150 dhs
Arms: 100 dhs
Arms: 180 dhs
½ Leg: 100 dhs
Leg: 180 dhs
Edges of Jersey: 70 dhs
Full Jersey: 120 dhs

Workshop of Pottery

It is an introduction to pottery, but through it you can live a moment of happiness with an intimate connection with the clay

Everything happens in Dar Chérifa, the privileged place to imagine, create and discover.
After tasting a tea, you will meet the potter master who will travel with you, assisted by of a translator, through the history of pottery in Morocco

The potter master will show you a demonstartion of the local technique, the way to familiarize with the material and the equipment.

After that, there will be an introduction to the ptactice of pottery led by the master.

At the end, some elements of pottery will be at your disposal: brushes and paints… let go your imagination and your talent.

500 dhs per person. Per group of 1 to 3 people
400 dhs per person. Per group of 4 to 6 people
Maximum number of participants per workshop: 6 people

Cooking Workshop

Riad Dar Sara proposes you Cooking workshops, organized in one of the oldest houses in Marrakech ‘Dar Cherifa’ and it is addressed to all those who wish to discover the pleasures of the Moroccan table and learn about one of the best cuisines in the world.

The workshops, led by a traditional Moroccan cook, are organized in small groups around a user-friendly material that can be found in the simple kitchens. A professional guide is available to translate and explain all the details concerning the preparation and cooking.

At the end of each workshop, participants enjoy the dishes they have prepared.

A half-day program teaches you to prepare an entry and a dish or a dish and a dessert, depending on the choice of participants.

500 dhs per person. Per group of 1 to 3 people
400 dhs per person. Per group of 4 to 10 people
Maximum number of participants per workshop: 10 people

Marrakech Airport pick up

1 or 2 people: 150 Dhs
From 3 people: 75 Dhs / person

* For each booking of 03 nights and more, we offer you a free airport pick up (Arrival or Departure)
* In case of a group, the individual transfers are not included, only one way transfer, either the arrival or departure, is offered

Baby sitter :

1 or 2 children

From 8h00 to 18H30: 300 Dhs
From 18 h00 to 00h30: 500 Dhs

Guided visit to the city:

Marrakech is a city of culture and history, a day visit with a professional guide will enrich your knowledge.

Price / ½ day:
500 Dhs (from 1 to 4 people)
700 Dhs (5 people and more)

Price/ day:
700 DHS (from 1 to 4 people)
900 DHS (5 people and more)

We can suggest for you a variety of excursions for one day or more, starting from Marrakech. Our drivers will be at your service giving more in depth information.

Rent a Car
Our car rental agencies are at the highest standard to offer excellent services. We can provide you with a high quality vehicle, with air conditioning & special features.

Where to eat outside Riad:

Dar Zellije

Dar Zellije is previously an exceptional riad dating from the 17th century, well-preserved and has been converted into an impeccable restaurant of quality serving traditional cuisine. It's at Dar Zellij where you can discover the soul of such a majestic and historic venue and sample the delights of yesteryear. Tel: 00212 524 38 26 27.

Dar Chérifa

Dar Chérifa opens its doors for you to admire its different expositions. You can taste one of the best Moroccan Thé or you can enjoy a delicious Moroccan Meals. Tél: 0 524 42 64 63.